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Rules and Discipline Policy

    General Studio Rules

      For the safety of our students and teachers, we ask that you please abide by these rules:
       Students are expected to treat classmates and staff with respect and maintain a positive attitude.
       No gossiping or inappropriate language or conversation.
       Only paying students are allowed in classrooms during class time. This includes parents.
       No street shoes allowed in classrooms.
       Dance shoes should not be worn outside of the studio.
       No photography or videotaping anywhere in the studio without advance permission from a Board member.
       No food, drink, or candy in classrooms. No gum allowed anywhere in the studio.
       Any lost and found items left unclaimed for 2 weeks will be donated to charity or disposed of.



      • All students are expected to attend class regularly and on time. If an absence cannot be avoided, please notify the studio in advance.
      • Parents are expected to pick up their children immediately following
        class. If a child must remain late, please notify the office in advance. Students taking the final class of the evening must never be left for any reason.
      • Students must attend all rehearsals and classes the week prior to any performance.
      • TCSD reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class.


      Discussions with Teachers

      The Board asks that parents refrain from approaching instructors with a question or issue before or between classes or rehearsals. If you have a concern, please speak to the front desk staff and/or a Board member.

    Twin Cities School of Dance Discipline Policy

      The Board of Directors will uphold the following procedures with respect to instances of inappropriate student behavior:

      • First offense – student will receive an official warning and a call will be placed to parent(s)
      • Second offense – student will be placed on probation for a period of time determined by the Board of Directors during which time a parent must be on premises during all rehearsals and lessons
      • Third offense – student will receive a two week suspension from classes
      • Fourth offense – student will be expelled from the school

      Should disciplinary action be necessary contrary to the steps outlined above, the Board of Directors holds the right to determine if the offense is serious enough to warrant immediate discipline and/or dismissal.  The Board will vote on the action to be taken and all decisions by the Board of Directors are final.