Fee Schedule

Annual Registration Fee: $30 per student (non-refundable)

Payment Method (annual or installment): You must choose your payment method at the time of registration.

Commitment:  Please note when registering, you are committing to the entire year. No refunds will be given for dropped classes after the drop date. 

Annual Payor Savings: The annual payment schedule below reflects savings for paying for the full year up front.  

Dance Companies: Company, Performance and Repertory fees and payment information are located on the fee schedule associated with each company.


2017-2018 Fee Schedule

Hours Annual Payment *Installments (8 payments)
0.50 $270.00 $37.50/payment
0.75 $306.00 $42.50/payment
1.00 $360.00 $50.00/payment
1.25 $450.00 $62.50/payment
1.50 $540.00 $75.00/payment
1.75 $594.00 $82.50/payment
2.00 $684.00 $95.00/payment
2.25 $756.00 $105.00/payment
2.50 $810.00 $112.50/payment
2.75 $882.00 $122.50/payment
3.00 $954.00 $132.50/payment
3.25 $1,026.00 $142.50/payment
3.50 $1,080.00 $150.00/payment
3.75 $1,152.00 $160.00/payment
4.00 $1,224.00 $170.00/payment




* Installments are due on the following schedule
No billing statements are sent

1st installment due:  Week of August 21
2nd installment due: October 1, 2017 
3rd installment due: November 1, 2017
4th installment due: December 1, 2017
5th installment due: January 2, 2018
6th installment due: February 1, 2018
7th installment due: March 1, 2018
8th installment due: April 1, 2018





Late Fee: A late fee of $15 will be assessed if payment is not received by the 7th day of the month. No exceptions

Multi-Student Discounts: 10% discount for each additional student in the same family, with discount applying to the lower total tuition. 

Payment Forms: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and debit cards. We also accept checks and cash. There will be a $30 fee charged to any account for a returned check. 

Costume Fees: Costume deposits of $55 per costume are due by November 1, 2017. No costumes will be ordered without payment, and deposits are non-refundable.  

Class cancellations/changes: Twin Cities School of Dance reserves the right to cancel or combine any class with less than six students within the first two weeks of classes.