Company Hours

With the exception of our instructors and receptionist, staff of Twin Cities Ballet are unpaid volunteers. We are most appreciative for the support and assistance of our parents who enable Twin Cities School of Dance and Ballet Company to continue to fulfill its mission of providing quality dance instruction and performance opportunities to the children of our community. As part of your child's involvement in company, all company parents or students are required to complete volunteer hours based on the following breakdown:

  • Senior Company: 30 hours total for the year
  • Junior & Apprentice Company: 24 hours total for the year
  • Performance Company: 12 hours total for the year

Company hours can be fulfilled by parents or dancers. All volunteer comitments must be approved by a board member in advance. If your company hours are not fulfilled by the end of the regular dance season, you will be billed $10 per hour that is left unfulfilled. No exceptions will be made to the Company Hours rules.

The Parent's Guild has set up an online sign up for fulfilling volunteer hours. You are encouraged to participate in this easy-to-use group on Sign-Up Genius. Prior to attempting to sign up for hours, we must add your email address to the list. Please contact to be added to the list, or to report an issue with accessing the group.

If you'd like some ideas for fulfilling your Company Hours requirement, please reference the following list of specific needs for our studio and throughout performance times:

  • Clean Bathrooms Weekly (2 people, both semesters) - 30 hours
  • Clean Windows/Mirrors Weekly (2 people, both semesters) - 30 hours
  • Vacuum Weekly (2 people, both semesters) - 24 hours
  • Mop Studio Floors Weekly (2 people, both semesters) - 30 hours
  • Wardrobe (Nutcracker/Spring Ballet) - see Julie
  • Launder Costumes (after performances) - see Julie
  • Props (repair, paint, decorate) - see Jeannie
  • Backstage (Nutcracker/Spring Ballet) - see Jeannie
  • Stage Crew/load-in/strike (Nutcracker/Spring Ballet) - see Jeannie
  • Parent's Guild - see Guild Member
  • Memorabilia at performances
  • Cast Parties
  • Fundraising

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