Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who owns Twin Cities School of Dance?

A:  Our studio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors.  With the exception of teachers and front desk staff, all others are unpaid volunteers, and we heavily rely on the help of our parents to help make the studio a success.  We’re always looking for new parents to join the Board, so let a current member or the front desk know if you’re interested!

Q:  If we pay tuition, why are there so many fundraising activities?

A:  In general, tuition fees pay for our teacher’s salaries, while ticket sales pay for the venue rental for our performances.  Because our studio is a non-profit organization, we rely on fundraising events to help pay for other expenses, including studio flooring and performance backdrops. 

Q:  Where can I park?

A:  We understand that parking at our facility is limited.  Any space on blacktop is available with the exception of those spaces marked for Walker Tae Kwon Do.  Additional parking is available across the street in the parking lot.  Click here to get parking information.

Q:  Are parents allowed to watch in class?

A:  We’ve found that having parents in the classroom can be a distraction, especially for our younger students.  There will be certain times during the year that teachers, at their discretion, will invite parents in to watch.

Q:  Where should I wait while my child is in class?

A: We ask that parents of children age 6 or younger stay at the studio for the duration of class rather than simply dropping off your child.  If you must leave, please be sure the front desk has a current cell phone number.  In addition, due to safety and fire code restrictions, we need to keep the hallways clear, so please wait in our waiting room where free WiFi is available.

Q:  Is photography or videotaping allowed in the studio?

A:  While we don’t prohibit photography or videotaping, it can be a distraction.  We suggest that you ask the teacher’s permission if you want to take photos during class, and we ask that you not post materials on social media if other children of TCSD “family” are in the photos/videos unless you have their permission.

Q:  What form of payment does the studio accept?

A:  We proudly accepting Visa, Mastercard and Discover as well as cash and checks. Payments can be made online or at the studio. Dancingly Yours Boutique is cash or check only.

Q:  What other expenses can I expect other than the registration fee and class tuition?

A:  There are various fees associated with each of our performances (The Nutcracker Ballet, Spring Ballet, and Spring Recital).  In particular if your child plans to participate in the Spring Recital, there is a costume deposit of $55 due by November 1st, with the balance, if any, due in the Spring.  Costumes are ordered by early November to allow sufficient time for delivery prior to the Spring Recital.  The deposit confirms your commitment to participation and is non-refundable.

Q:  How many classes are in each year?

A:  The schedule is established to allow for 30 classes per school year.  Our fees are based accordingly and take into account time off for tech weeks and holiday breaks.

Q:  What should my child wear to class?

A: Street clothes and shoes are NEVER allowed in the classrooms. Further details on proper dance attire can be located Details on proper dance attire are included on our website under the Classes tab, "Dress Code."

Q:  Can I speak to the teachers about my child’s performance?

A:  Yes!  We certainly encourage parents to talk directly with their child’s dance teacher.  However, often times it is not convenient during class hours as many teachers have back-to-back classes through the evening.  If you wish to set up an appointment to meet with a teacher, please let the front desk know and they will convey the message.

Q:  Can I eat or drink in the studio?

A:  We ask that you use good judgment with regard to the food or drink you bring in and prefer no “messy” foods.  Please clean up after yourselves and remember no gum is allowed at all.  We are requesting that students drink water only while at the dance studio.